Automotive Household IP Targeting Success Story

Local Automotive Dealer Converts Conquest  Customers into sales using IP Targeting Campaign!

Client:  Local Dealership

CategoryAutomotive – Converting Conquest to Sales


Our client is a digital savvy local car dealer. With the client already equip with a high level digital strategy, their goal was to identify potential conquest customers using the patented targeting technology . We generated a list of potential prospects meeting the following criteria: 15 mile radius of dealer location, vehicles of the two top competing manufactures, who own/ lease a vehicle 4-8 years old or have a current lease expiring with in the next 18 months. The goal was to bring the targets to the dealership by serving ads showing current low payment specials on two top selling vehicles in hopes of converting them into a sale. To begin the IP targeting process we were able to identify 6,939 conquest targets, of that we were able to match 3,137 physical names to their IP addresses.


Through our patented IP targeting technology, the client was assured that their advertising efforts would reach the exact targets to home PCs, tablets, and mobile devices. While working with the dealership, we were able to identify 11 conversions or sold vehicles with in the first 10 days. Within 45 days of the campaign  the dealer was able to identify another 3 conversions/sold vehicles, bring the total to 14 cars sold to conquest customers being served ads via the IP Targeting campaign.


The dealer was able to generate huge results fast! With the campaign only being live for 45 days, this dealership is consistently converting conquest customers. The dealer is serving 166,000 impressions per month, generating 288 clicks, with a average of 0.119% CTR, and 14 conversions within 45 days.  We track each customer conversion once they purchase a car, removing those who were converted.