The days of cold calling and elaborate sales team efforts are almost a thing of the past, thanks to online marketing tools that are specifically designed for lead generation results. But which ones are the right ones for you to use? Which technique (or techniques) will cater to your unique business needs? At Tyler Digital Media, one of the best ways to generate online leads is Website Optimization.

At Tyler Media Digital, we get asked that question quite a bit. And we’re happy to report that Email marketing is still a great way to generate leads. In fact, 83% of consumers will most likely spend more while shopping if they get good information about brands, products or services through email. But again, it’s not easy. You have to create the right kind of content for the subject line to make sure recipients actually open the email. You need to know how to write effective headlines, content and even the call-to-action. Because if the email message isn’t crafted right, it simply won’t work.

You love to take care of social marketing for your business. And you’re good at it. You get trackable results from your Facebook ads. You’re driving traffic to your website. But is there a way to make it easier or less time consuming? Is there a better way to stay on top of all the changes and nuances that Facebook and other social platforms are introducing? You bet.