Facebook Targeting Campaign Success Story

Local Restaurant Turns The Tables With Facebook News Feed Ads

Client: Local Fast Casual Restaurant

Category: Restaurant


A local, neighborhood restaurant wanted to reach business people looking for quick lunch options that were healthy.  The restaurant is located in an area saturated with restaurants all looking to target office workers near by.


To reach consumers who needed a fast, healthy, option for lunch that was near their office, we used Facebook Local Awareness ads to show people in their News Feed.  We targeted people 18-65 who were within a 3 mile geo-fenced radius of the restaurant.  The ads featured images of their healthy lunch dishes from their menu and utilized a Call-To-Action button of “Get Directions” to instantly tell the person how far they were from the restaurant and how to get there.


The campaign delivered 114,000 impressions to people in the geo-fenced area.  The restaurant saw a significant increase in their lunch sales both for dine-in and carry-out as well as an increase in users browsing their online menu offerings.