Fill Up Your Appointment Calendar with A Targeted Digital Display Campaign

Fill Up Your Appointment Calendar with A Targeted Digital Display Campaign

If you own a business that provides services like plumbing, air conditioning, lawn service or carpet cleaning, or you know how important it is to keep your technicians and sales consultants busy at appointments. After all, if there’s an empty time slot on their appointment calendar, you’re not making money.

That’s exactly the situation that an OKC area HVAC company was in. It was in the third quarter of 2016, and there were hundreds of empty time slots for heating, air conditioning and plumbing repair before the end of the year. The company also had an excess inventory of tank-less water heaters they needed to get rid of before January, so they contacted Tyler Media Digital.

Targeted Display + IP Targeting: Effective And Affordable

The Tyler Media Digital team believed a Targeted Display campaign would provide the most immediate impact. Tyler Media Digital used the database of the HVAC company’s previous customers and matched it against IP Targeting technology to deliver online display ads directly to these specific customer households.

The campaign engaged a total of 18,500 households 20 times each within 34 days. As a result, the HVAC company filled 100% of its empty appointments (there were hundreds!) for the last 74 days of the year—40 days before the scheduled end of the campaign schedule!

Fill Those Empty Appointment Slots

Do you have empty appointment slots you’d like to fill? If you own a housecleaning service, landscaping company, window company, HVAC business or other enterprise with appointment slots to fill, Tyler Media Digital can help. Just talk to your Tyler Media Digital representative about how a Targeted Display + IP Targeting can work for you. We’ll listen to your goals and customize a plan that will drive results in OKC, Norman, Stillwater, Tulsa, Moore and anywhere in Oklahoma. We’re your digital marketing experts!

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