Is Email Marketing Still A Thing?

Is Email Marketing Still A Thing?

At Tyler Media Digital, we get asked that question quite a bit. And we’re happy to report that Email marketing is still a great way to generate leads. In fact, 83% of consumers will most likely spend more while shopping if they get good information about brands, products or services through email. But again, it’s not easy. You have to create the right kind of content for the subject line to make sure recipients actually open the email. You need to know how to write effective headlines, content and even the call-to-action. Because if the email message isn’t crafted right, it simply won’t work.

First, Ring The Doorbell

When you send an email, in essence it is going to someone’s house. And people are constantly being inundated with emails wanting to come in. You need to ring the doorbell in a polite and inviting way—with the subject line. Your recipient is getting to peer through the tiny peephole to see who’s there, and what they want. Creating a relevant and respectful subject line is essential. Don’t over promise, don’t yell and don’t be too subtle.

Know What You Want To Say And Say It Well

People are busy. Really busy. So if they open your email and see a lengthy sea of text, don’t be surprised if they don’t read past the first sentence, if at all. Make your pitch succinctly and eloquently. Use bullet points and subheads, so it’s easy for your reader to scan and confirm that your email is of interest. Don’t take three sentences to say what can be said in one.

Make It Easy To Connect

Use live links in your email that drive the reader deeper into your marketing. Have a link that goes to your website, or to directions if you’re inviting them to an event. Provide a link to the FAQ page on your website, or to your testimonial page. And most importantly, make it easy for them to find out more quickly, by including a live link to YOU.

Remember to Tailor Your Message

While you may have a great email list, chances are you can segment your list into different categories. Tailor your offer by gender, geography, interests or age. Maximize the potential of your email by making it as targeted and personalized as possible. You might want to talk to potential customers differently in OKC than you would in Stillwater. Or Dallas. You might speak differently to grandmothers in Norman than you would to dentists in Enid.

So yes, email marketing is still a thing. If you need help developing an email strategy, building a database for email marketing or crafting the right language for your emails, talk to an expert at Tyler Media Digital. We can help!


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