Let Household IP Targeting Fill Up Your Appointment Slots

Let Household IP Targeting Fill Up Your Appointment Slots

As a business owner, there’s nothing more frustrating than having appointment slots go unfilled and your staff isn’t busy! Whether you own a plumbing business, dental office, auto repair shop, HVAC company or carpet cleaning service, you lose money if your appointment calendar isn’t filled.

At Tyler Media Digital in Oklahoma City, we understand. We love to help businesses like yours connect with your ideal target market and fill those appointment slots. We have some great digital marketing tools that can help drive business and deliver trackable ROI. One of our favorites is Household IP Targeting and Retargeting.

How Household IP Targeting and Retargeting Helped “Heat Up” an HVAC Company’s Business

Household IP Targeting lets your target individual households. Here’s how it works. At Tyler Media Digital, we can match IP addresses (email addresses) to a database of names and physical addresses and then display your text ad or video ad only to those people. In other words, we can take your company’s database of previous customers, and by using their names and addresses, we can capture their email addresses and then show your display or video ad to them.

For example, a full service heating, ventilation, air conditioning and plumbing repair company with multiple locations had hundreds of available appointments toward the end of the year and wanted to fill them. The client’s database of previous customers was matched against proprietary IP targeting technology. Display and video ads were then served up to their households directly online. Within 34 days, the client was able to engage 18,500 previous customer households an average of 20 times each. They were able to fill 100% of the remaining appointment slots for the year!

Imagine being able to reach out to all of your past customers and inviting them to do business with you again! This can be especially effective seasonally—reminding your OKC area customers that it’s time to get their vehicle ready for that summer road trip or to get their A/C checked before the hot summer months. It’s a great way to encourage your customers to start thinking about putting in that outdoor fire pit before the weather cools off! It’s even great for dentists and eye doctors, encouraging former patients to come in before their yearly benefits run out!

If you’ve got appointment slots that aren’t filled, it’s time to talk to a Tyler Media Digital expert. We’ll listen to your business objective, and come back to you with a customized strategic digital marketing plan. Whether you want to target former customers in Norman, Moore or Tulsa, or tap into a resource of potential customers throughout the state, we’re here to help.

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