Native Content Marketing 101

Native Content Marketing 101

Not long ago, the term native content had lots of folks scratching their heads. Now it’s one of the leading ways to connect with consumers in a relevant and unobtrusive way. But what exactly is it?

Back in the day, there were advertorials, where advertisers provided newspapers or magazines with advertisements that looked like articles. Oftentimes there would be a little disclaimer at the top or bottom that said “Advertisement,” but for the most part, it looked like it was just another article in the publication.

Native advertising is somewhat of an evolution of the idea of advertorials. It’s an article paid for or written by a brand that lives on a publisher’s site. And honestly, most consumers have difficulty determining if it’s an article or an ad. Sure, the advertiser uses differently labeling, colors, fonts and other methods to make the ads look different than content, but oftentimes readers themselves are hard pressed to tell the difference between the two.

Four Types of Native Ads

In-Feed Native Ads appear directly within a feed of content and contains the same elements as the content around it (headlines, descriptions and thumbnails)

Content Recommendation Widgets let you deliver an ad or paid content through a widget. Which is integrated into the main well of a webpage. It doesn’t look like the editorial content feed and links to a page off the site. There is no guaranteed placement. It’s measured on brand metrics like interaction and brand lift.

Custom Content Units are just that: custom. Brand messaging can be integrated into highly relevant editorial content. While it might resemble the other types of ads, it’s more customized and has more opportunity for unique executions.

With Search and Promoted Listing the native content will appear above the actual results from a search, and will look exactly like search results with the addition of a disclosure. It also behaves like organic search results…there will be a link to a page. When you buy this kind of ad, you get guaranteed placement. It’s also measured on conversion metrics.

Many media companies have invested heavily in the creation and distribution of native advertisements on behalf of brands. Think BuzzFeed, The New York Times, The Atlantic, and yes, Tyler Media Digital in OKC. We can help develop and execute a native advertising strategy that will drive brand awareness and ROI. To find out how you can use content marketing to improve your business in 2017, contact us today.

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