SEM: The Ultimate Attention Grabber

SEM: The Ultimate Attention Grabber

A woman in Norman is looking for the perfect dress to wear to her niece’s wedding. But she wants to wear the colors her niece has chosen for the wedding. So she does a Google search looking for a bronze cocktail dress. And the ideal one appears at the top of her search results. A man goes to a pool party at a new co-worker’s home in Moore and they have a very cool awning that really provides a lot of shade. It would be perfect for his back yard. So he does a Google search, and sees that it comes in the right color. He orders it while he’s still at the party.

It’s immediate gratification for anyone shopping. And it’s the result of Search Engine Marketing (SEM). Consumers ask for something and while the search engine delivers the solutions, your ad for what they are looking for appears. Yes, it’d be nice if your company, product or service happened to be at the top of the search results without you having to pay for it, but why take a chance? With SEM, you are guaranteed top placement.

SEM lets you:

  • Grab the attention of consumers at the right moment—when they are searching for a product or service and are inclined to act.
  • Buy placement on a cost per click basis
  • Beat your competitors
  • Generate leads and increase calls
  • Measure the results of your campaign and adjust it quickly, as needed.

SEM is an ideal solution for many businesses, including attorneys, electricians, remodelers, home improvement, pest control, movers, chiropractors, plumbers, dentists, roofers, plastic surgeons and more.

To find out if SEM is right for your company, talk to an expert at Tyler Media Digital in OKC. We’re here to help you capture the attention of your perfect customer when they are ready to buy!

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