Storm Season Is Almost Here: Is Your Ad Campaign Ready?

Storm Season Is Almost Here: Is Your Ad Campaign Ready?

As sure as the sun rises in the east, storm season is just around the corner here in Oklahoma. And if you offer products or services that help area residents prepare for or cope with the aftermath of storms, now’s the time to start advertising. Why? Here are five great reasons you should be advertising now, instead of waiting until a storm hits.

  1. Build Your Brand. If you want to capture business after a storm, it’s wise to advertise beforehand. You can establish yourself as a reputable hometown business with deep roots in the community. You can build brand recognition so when someone needs your services, they are already aware of you and your services.


  1. Establish Yourself As An Expert. Here’s a great campaign idea for contractors, roofing companies, window and door installation, and others who help “pick up the pieces” after a storm. Provide your customers with a checklist for selecting a contractor to repair storm damage. Let them know what they should watch out for, what credentials a company should have, and what questions to ask. You can write a blog about it, post the list on your website or Facebook page, and then use a keyword campaign to drive traffic to your website!


  1. Show, Then Tell. Utilize “Before and After” photos that illustrate your company’s services, and testimonials by happy customers. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and when it comes to repairing storm damage, it’s true! And there’s nothing more powerful than letting your customers do the talking for you. When a potential customer in OKC can read testimonials from customers in OKC, it builds trust and credibility.


  1. Set Yourself Apart From Fly-By-Night Operations. After a storm hits, EVERYONE advertises their services, including those fly-by-night contractors that descend on Oklahoma City and every town in Oklahoma, making promises they have no intention of keeping. You want to make sure that your ideal consumer is familiar with your services before they need them, so they know who to trust and who to turn to. A Branding campaign using keyword targeting or SEO can be very effective.


  1. Help Consumers DIY. After a storm has hit, there are some things potential customers could do to repair their home or property themselves. But most of the time, they would rather hire someone to do the work for them. By providing consumers with step-by-step guidelines for repairs, or guidelines for choosing the right materials, you earn goodwill and potential customers, not to mention name recognition.

Develop a Strategic Digital Marketing Plan

There are so many ways to build brand awareness for your business, so when a storm hits, you’re the one consumers call. The digital marketing experts at Tyler Media Digital in OKC can help devise the right digital marketing plan for you. We offer Search Engine Optimization, Keyword Targeting, Behavioral Targeting, Retargeting. Mobile Conquesting and more—all designed to build brand awareness and drive sales, at very affordable pricing. If you do business in OKC, Moore, Norman, Tulsa, Stillwater or anywhere in Oklahoma, talk to the experts at Tyler Media Digital. We can help!

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