Use Digital Marketing To Promote Your Event In Oklahoma

Use Digital Marketing To Promote Your Event In Oklahoma

You’ve spent months planning a special event in OKC, Norman, Stillwater, Moore or some other Oklahoma community. You’ve lined up the venue, made all of the arrangements and recruited volunteers and vendors. So how can you be sure your event will be a success? How can you be sure people will know about your event and attend?

At Tyler Media Digital, we know exactly how to make sure that people will hear about your event. And it all starts with the right mix of digital marketing tools.

Now, you might be thinking, “Well, I know a little about Facebook marketing, and I know how to tweet.” And maybe you do. But the most important question is, “Are you a digital marketing expert?” You see, digital marketing isn’t something you dabble in. There’s a science behind it. And you want to work with someone that you know can do the job right and won’t overcharge you, either.

Tyler Media is a trusted member of the OKC community, and has delivered exceptional service and advertising performance for years.   Now Tyler Media Digital provides digital marketing services and support that can deliver success. Let’s look at some ways we can help promote your event.

Facebook Ads

Facebook ads can drive attendance and awareness for any event, if you know how to do it correctly. The team at Tyler Media Digital knows how to target the right audience, at the right time and with the exact right message. Whether you’re promoting the event to residents of the entire Oklahoma City area or just to parents of toddlers in Norman, our digital marketing specialists can connect with your target audience.

Event Response ads are also great for both B2B and B2C events. First, we set up an Events link on your Facebook page, listing your venue, date, address, time and other pertinent information. Then, we select the audience you want to notify, by age, gender, and more. A video of event highlights can also be featured! When someone is interested, the event will be automatically added to their calendar on Facebook. It will also show up on their Friends’ News Feeds as something they might be interested in.


Retargeting is also ideal for event promotion. Let’s say someone has checked out your website or Facebook page about your event, but they didn’t buy tickets. Tyler Media Digital can use Facebook ads to remarket to those consumers who checked you out but didn’t purchase a ticket. This is extremely effective, especially since statistically most people don’t buy a ticket their first time they hear about an event. However, you don’t want to market to the folks who did buy a ticket. The experts at Tyler Media Digital know how to do that and more.

Talk To Tyler Media Digital

Want to learn more about promoting your event? Talk to a digital marketing expert at Tyler Media Digital. We’re here to help!


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