Video Ads: Everything You Need To Know

Video Ads: Everything You Need To Know

There are so many different digital marketing tools that can be used to target potential customers. While each one is different and can be effective, some are more suitable for certain kinds of businesses or products than others. At Tyler Media Digital in Oklahoma City, we want to help our customers understand what each digital marketing tool is, and how it can work for them. Let’s take a closer look at Video Ads.

Video Pre-Roll is the term used for a :15 or :30 video commercial that runs before online content plays. You’ve probably seen them when you’ve tried to play a free solitaire game, or before you watched a YouTube video or online news article. While some consumers choose to skip these video ads, on average 70% of consumers watch 100% of a Pre-Roll ad. 70%! When you run Video Pre-Roll with Tyler Media Digital, you are only charged for an ad if at least 25% of the ad is viewed. And you’ll be able to see ad viewing completion rates across all devices: smartphone, tablets, laptops and desktops!

There are lots of different ways to target your ideal customer with Video Ads:

  • Retargeting—You can show your Video ad to people who have

already visited your website at least once

  • Behavioral Targeting—allows you to show your Video ad to specific

consumers based on their previous on-line behavior

  • Household IP Targeting—allows you to target individual households.

You can match IP addresses to a database of names and physical

addresses, and then display your video ad only to those people.

  • Facebook Targeting—You can target people based on their

demographics, interests and behaviors and display your video ad

in their News Feed

  • Video Ad Networks—You can show your video ad on groups of

websites that target the type of audience you want to reach

  • Keyword Targeting—You can put your Video ad in front of people as

they are searching and comparison-shopping

  • Instagram Targeting—Your Instagram news feed video ad will appear

in people’s Instagram feeds along with images shared by their

family, friends and other Instagram accounts they follow.

The Power of Video Content

  • The average user spends 16 minutes and 49 seconds per month

watching online Video ads. (ComScore)

  • 66% of digital video viewers took action after seeing a digital video


  • According to a 2016 video study from YuMe, consumers believe

video ads are nearly twice as effective in driving purchases than

image or text ads, with 25% purchasing a product after seeing a

video ad.

  • Digital video is also memorable and shareable, with viewers being

two times more likely to tell others about a video ad than image

or text ads.

Which Video Ad Campaign is Right For Your Business?

At Tyler Media Digital, we don’t believe in cookie cutter solutions. It all starts by listening to you. Once we understand your business, your goals and the challenges you are facing, we’ll come up with a strategic digital marketing plan that will help you reach your goals, within your budget. Whether you’re doing business in Norman, OKC, Stillwater, Moore or even nationwide, we can help!

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